Aztec Contact
              Suduaya Remix
Parabola Music Music presents Pulsar, Vimana with their latest track titled Aztec Contact Suduaya Remix . Parabola Music presents a very special theme compilation Progressive France Therapy compiled by label artists Electit & Ecosphere. Featuring 10 magnificent and poignant tracks each unique and exhilarating moment taking you on a tour de force through the powerful electronic dance music emotionally charged with the events in Paris on November 13th 2015, and dedicated to the memory and families of those affected by the tragedy. This album gives new hope to unify the peoples of the world under the common goal of peace, love, unity and respect, the core message that all the worlds people deserve dignity and harmony. With our music as the catalyst for positive change we embody that which we wish to achieve by demonstrating our intention each time we gather together at music festivals, clubs, renegades and parties to dance and enjoy each other\'s unique creative spirit and celebrate all the good vibes that overcome all international boundaries when we connect with our natural inclination that knows no borders. Electit and Ecosphere have gathered 10 incredible songs from a perfectly balanced group of French Trance Wizards each representing the dynamic and diverse sounds being produced here in France. Every track was arranged harmonically according to key and BPM so it flows like a DJ set. Starting off deep and emotional Warped Mouse aka Terraformers (David Shant & Electit) provide a visceral and timely dance floor stormer titled Crimes And Violence that somehow sums up the state of affairs. Might Pills aka well known Life Extension joined by co-compiler EcoSphere raise the bar up a notch with Akxees Everything High, a song that is both electrifying to dance to and satisfies musically. OddWave takes the energy into a new territory of heavy and pounding grooves with It Might Get Loud. Aladiah, well known producer with MoonSpirits, unexpectedly appears with a classic track from 2010 that somehow never made it on CD but fits here perfectly, courtesy of our good friends at Ovnimoon Rec, who also provided two more outstanding selections but first comes Total Eclipse, the pioneering French Goa & Trance legend who combines forces with EcoSphere with a solid and memorable tune titled Like Water that shares wisdom from the king of KungFu. Polypheme, the notorious Frenchman DJ Cyclops gets his Warlike Sound hit reworked by Aslan One aka Elepho. Vimana and Pulsar (Mexico & Chile) contribute a composition that is magically re-imagined by French Progressive and Downtempo sorcerer Suduaya who really steps up with this track Aztec Contact. Kipi Vibration stomps all over Paris with his explosive anthem Godzilla. Indishanti soothes us with a final salve of melodic bliss with Akiha. Finally Electit returns to close out this story with a Creative Thought, remind us all to love your neighbor, think globally but act locally, and to always do your best to improve the planet, one dance floor at a time.

Aztec Contact Suduaya Remix