Original Mix
Parabola Music Music presents ProtoDrive with their latest track titled Energia Original Mix . https://soundcloud.com/Parabola-Music https://www.facebook.com/parabola.music.official https://soundcloud.com/protodrive https://www.facebook.com/ProtoDrive Parabola Music presents the fourth super blasting EP release from ProtoDrive (Mexico). The powerful sounds of Trance sends you on a high flying, groovy and pounding ride to space on a wild ex-plosion of dance floor ENERGIA. ProtoDrive is Diego Camberos Ponce (Drummer / percussionist and keyboardist). Its a Psychedelic Trance project started Jan 6th, 2013. After years of experimenting with different types of music, he found in Psy-Trance a great way to express himself and carrird his euphoric and melancholic personality directly to his sounds.

Energia Original Mix