Illustrated Universe
              Original Mix
Parabola Music Music presents High Thetic with their latest track titled Illustrated Universe Original Mix . Parabola Music is very excited to present another brilliant single from \'High Thetic\' called \'Illustrated Universe\'! High Thetic is the name of the project idealized by young Robson Bartolato Morais Filho. Born on March 24, 1994, Natural of São João Nepomuceno / Brazil. Robson has always been passionate about electronic music since he was very young, so it was on His First Party, he decided right there that he wanted to be DJ Producer.began his work as producer DJ in 2014, where he always sought authenticity, bringing the originality of Psytrance. His songs stand out as spatial elements, continuous basslines bringing his progression, with bpm\'s ranging from 140 to 148. Your main goal and make the viewer feel the vibrancy and thrill of the story of your Life! \"

Illustrated Universe Original Mix