Psychedelic Circus
Parabola Music presents Duologic, Alien Visitors with their latest track titled Psychedelic Circus. We are more than happy to present a killer collaboration between Alien Visitors and Duologic called \'Psychedelic Circus\'! Alien Visitors and Dulogic are sided music projects from Vicky Merlino. He is born on February 18th, 1969, the first track he mixed for fun in 97 was called \'Peace Frog from Doors\', Dj and producer with many musical projects. He plays usually in Italy, Spain, Germany, Holland, Hungary, Thailand, and other countries. He played @ FULL MOON PARTY in Koh Phangan, KIT KAT EVENTS, NAKED-FESTIVAL, SONORA, WASTELAND, TRIBAL GATHERING -PANAMA and many more important events. he plays usually in Europe. In 2010 start a project called Duologic. Aran-Project\' and \'VM18\' is another music project of Vicky Merlino, of progressive - psytrance and ambient lounge and downtempo.